How to Host a Screening

  1. Please choose a date and venue for your event and submit our Schedule a Screening form.

  2. Once you've submitted the form, we'll send you a License Agreement to sign and an invoice for payment.

  3. When you've paid the invoice and returned the License Agreeement, we will confirm your license, provide you with a signed digital copy of the film, and email you a screening toolkit to plan, promote, and post your event online. You will receive a DVD one week prior to your screening.

  4. After your screening, please give us feedback and share your experience on social media.

  5. Return the DVD to Montessori Rising within the proscribed time stipulated in the agreement.


How much does it cost to host a community screening?

The screening licensing fee for a single community screening is $500 USD plus shipping. Organizations screening the film are responsible for any costs associated with the local screening venue.


How can I defray the cost of hosting a screening?

If you would like to charge admission or accept donations for your event you must receive written approval from Montessori Rising LLC. Please contact us with your detailed event plans for approval.


What does the screening license include?

The screening license includes the use of a loaned DVD for screening and a digital screening toolkit (event planning guide, discussion guide, and promotional materials). There are licensing options with that provide for additional screenings for a different fee.


Can the filmmaker come to our screening?

Violet Mendoza is not available to attend every screening. However, if your organization can cover speaker fees and travel costs, please contact us at to discuss options.


Can I purchase a copy of the film to keep?

Not at this time.


Can I host a screening outside of the U.S.?

Of course! As you likely know, Montessori and International go together.


How long is the film?

The run time is just under an hour, so please take that into account as you plan your screening.